How Churches can leverage the Internet to improve participation

Are you looking for a way to engage your church members actively? Does it seem like they are not participating in the activities in the church? It might be as a result of distance or convenience, but there’s a way to bridge that gap, keep reading.

Being just a pulpit preacher in this present age wouldn’t cut it, unless you don’t have any desire to reach more people and impact more on the lives of your congregation.

We are in an Information and Technology age where most discussions between people happen virtually through phone calls, video calls, messaging, chatting, etc. Most people are now used to that form of communication so much so that the culture of meeting people face to face to discuss is gradually fading. This is one of the cons of technology, but nevertheless, technology has come to stay and all we can do is adapt to it and use it to our own advantage.

As a church, you can leverage the effects of this technological trend by being present where your members always find themselves, and that is on the internet. The amount of content and information on the internet is so massive that it can occupy someone for a good period of time. Churches can take advantage of the fact that an average person spends at least 8 hours and 41 minutes on electronic devices every day according to a research by Silentnight, this is 20 minutes more than the average night sleep and is equivalent to 4.5 Months in a year, so basically the average person spends a whopping 4.5 months in a year in front of electronic devices.

So how can you create an online presence?

Through social media:
Having your church page on a social media like facebook can drastically increase the number of people that know about you, since over 1 billion people use facebook and over 90 percent of church members are on facebook.

Having a Website:
It’s not just enough to have a facebook page, like the name suggests it’s just a page and there is only so much you can do with a page. Having a website gives you a lot of space to tell the world about what you do and what you stand for. Basically you can have as many pages as possible.


So what can the website do and how does it help you increase the participation of your church members?

It can be used to pass information about the church to the world and also members of the church wherever they are, in other words, your members stay informed about the activities of the church even when they are not in church or when they travel outside the country. Distance won’t be a barrier anymore.

You can hold church meetings online: It can be tiring a times to make people stay behind after Sunday service for a meeting, most times people are in a hurry to get back home maybe because they are hungry or have some other engagement. A chat room can be created on a website where members log in and have a live chat meeting. The chat room can also be restricted to say just the women fellowship or the men fellowship, that way the details of their meetings are not made public.

For Registration and data collection for events: For instance, you have an upcoming programme and people are required to register for it so as to enable the planning committee plan for it, you could have a form on your website where members log in and register for the event, they can even pay online. All you need to do is go to the database and pull all the information, this saves you time and eliminates the stress of queuing up to manually register yourself.

Church Blog and News: Having a church blog or online news stand helps you pass information to the entire church and the whole world of course about your upcoming activities and also invite them to service the following Sunday. Having the news and activities online gives member something to look forward to every Sunday, you can also give them a glimpse of what the upcoming Sunday will be like. Members can also make comments concerning various issues raised in the blog.

So much more can actually be done with a church website, but I’ll stop here for now.

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