Why Schools need to have a Website

A school website provides information about your school and what you do and it’s the main way that people will find you because most people look for everything online these days and if you’re not online, chances are that they will not find you.

When properly designed and constructed, a school website can provide an extra, up to date and easy to use link between your school, its community and the world at large. Your website is a valuable showcase for life at your school.

A good website can be used to:

Celebrate and publicize your school

Raise the profile of your school

Display children’s work

Celebrate the successes of children and the school

Advertise and record events and activities

Encourage feedback/communication from children and parents via a moderated visitor’s book


Improve information flow:

Provide important and useful information about the school, its staff and its governors

Provide contact details and email contact to the school’s administration

Distribute newsletters, school brochures and other documents

Set up a mailing list to allow text copies of newsletters and other announcements to be emailed directly to subscribers.


Help ICT work for you:

Provide class and club pages for children and teachers to develop

Provide quick and easy curriculum linked worksheets for lessons and homework (even interactive                  worksheets)

Allow interactive learning using curriculum based educational games

Provide downloadable teaching and learning resources in a Staff Zone


Most children abuse the use of internet when they get older, but when they are meaningfully engaged through educational activities online, they’ll learn to use the internet for educational purposes and thereby improve their ICT skills. Having a functional and interactive school website is one of such ways to help children achieve this.


A good school website has the following important elements:

“About Us” Page

This contains information about the history of the school; its philosophy, mission, and vision; its teaching and non-teaching staff; its accreditations, awards, and other recognitions; its associations and affiliations; and every bit of salient information about the school.

“Contact Us” Page

This shows the telephone number, fax number, email address, and mailing address of the school.

Enrollment Page

This page provides basic information about the enrollment process – deadlines, requirements, rates, etc.

Calendar of Events

This is a matrix that has the up-to-date list of school activities that will be conducted in the entire school year.


This is an electronic copy of the school publication or a completely different one. This will provide information about the happenings in the school and it will also showcase student writers.

“Downloadables” Page

This page provides the documents/ forms that are often used in school, ready for download.

If these are present in the website, the school will gain the following:

Instant online brochure

A website is an instant online school brochure that the parents and would-be students could visit. It is faster, easier, and more efficient.

Faster and easier communication/ coordination

Through a website, school administrators can easily communicate its announcements, activities, accomplishments, concerns, and tips to the parents, teachers, students, alumni, and other members of the school community.

 Immediate feedback

With the website, parents and students can easily give their feedback to the teachers, school, and school administrators.

Develop journalism skills

Websites are also a good place for student- and teacher-writers to share and showcase their prowess in writing.

Create linkages

Websites are also a good tool in connecting and coordinating with families, teachers, businesses, alumni, and other schools. Announcing a school reunion or soliciting pledges for school projects will be easier and faster if the school has its own website.

With these, it is more than clear that schools should not think twice in creating their own website.

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